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What is ThermaCool?

ThermaCool is a result of advances in the research and development of both Sol-Gel and Nano technologies. It is a water-based solution that is applied directly on glass panels and windows. The product comes in a liquid form that, when applied to a surface, cures into a film that is only seven microns thick. This technology traps the heat before it enters the room allowing air-conditioning to work more efficiently and provide savings in energy consumption.

The Anti-heat Solution

ThermaCool is a clear glass coating that is applied to new and existing glass panels to block the sun’s heat and UV rays from entering. Developed from sol-gel and nano technologies, ThermaCool is designed for maximum affectivity without compromising visibility. This water-based solution is safe for use anywhere from residential to commercial and industrial.

ThermaCool's Benefits

  • - A cooler environment prevents exhaustion, allowing you to be more productive with your day
  • - Prevents heat related conditions like heat stroke
  • - Unobstructed windows means a brighter room with a better view
  • - Protects your body from harmful UV which ages skin and causes skin disease
  • - Prevents furniture and products from fading
  • - Helps keep your glass free from microbes
  • - Reduces the power your air-conditioner needs to keep your room cool
  • - Lessens the use of artificial lights during the day
  • - Decreases the cost of maintenance by eliminating the use of glass cleaners

ThermaCool’s Spectral Performance

ThermaCool’s Thermal Control

ThermaCool’s Clarity and Durability

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