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What is IceCOLD?

IceCOLD is an environmentally-friendly synthetic catalyst that, when added to an air conditioning or refrigeration system’s compressor oil, increases efficiency and saves money. It provides colder vent air that cools off any space faster and more economically.

It is manufactured and produced in the U.S.A. and is comprised of two synthetic catalysts and a lubricity agent.

It is a trade secret that has been tested and proven for over eight years and in thousands of installations to increase energy efficiency, lower maintenance costs, increase equipment life, lower carbon emissions, promote a more environmentally friendly status, and save money.

How does IceCOLD work?

IceCOLD’s first synthetic catalyst works to remove and permanently eliminate oil fouling. Oil fouling occurs when a system’s critical lubricating oils create an insulating layer on the interior walls of its cooling coils.

Oil fouling:

  • - ASHRAE ( American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) says that oil-fouling causes a reduction in system efficiency
  • - Degrades system heat exchange and performance by up to 30% making equipment run longer
  • - Shortens the life of the cooling system by making it run longer to cool the same area

How IceCOLD increases efficiency?

IceCOLD’s second synthetic catalyst causes system refrigerant to evaporate at a lower temperature, increasing the equipment’s overall efficiency.

IceCOLD also contains a cutting-edge synthetic lubricity compound that boosts the lubricity of a compressor’s oil by 54% (according to an SAE lab report) and makes bearings and moving parts last longer.

What is the cost? What is the payback to your ROI?

  • - Your payback on IceCOLD is under one year, making it extremely cost effective
  • - Your ROI is as high as 500%
  • - IceCOLD needs to be installed only once per unit and lasts the lifetime of your system
  • - The cost of installation depends on your compressor size

What is the risk to you?

There is absolutely no risk.

IceCOLD gives you colder vent air and is guaranteed to increase your A/C or refrigeration equipment efficiency 10% or more. IceCOLD has made thousands of installations, all of them successful.

IceCOLD is non-hazardous and cannot void your manufacturer’s warranty. (The Federal Trade Commission’s Magnuson Moss Act / Uniform Commercial Code sections 2-314, 2-315 and sections 2-313)

Industry Testing Results

  • 1. Westinghouse reported more than 20% efficiency increase in five rooftop units, and in repeated pilots.
  • 2. INTERTEK Laboratories reports that IceCOLD makes compressor oil 54% higher in lubricity.

*These savings are typical. However, while not all savings may be as high as these results, our technology ensures a 10% A/C efficiency increase which may result in electricity or operating cost savings.

In addition to the cooling system electricity cost- savings of up to 30%; your equipment will require 20%-less maintenance, service and running time while still providing improved and optimal performance.

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